Baekseok University

Baekseok University has achieved outstanding performance for the past decades.
It received public attention as a ‘young and promising university’ and is
now becoming one of the most prestigious Christian universities
in the world with its growing size and influence.

Most of all, our pride is in the professors with competence and personality
worth respect, and the most advanced educational facilities with clean and
sound environment. In Baekseok University, professors respect and
serve their students and students respect their professors and learn both
knowledge and life from them; which is also our pride and confidence.


Nurturing creative experts with knowledge in their majors and practical competence

Nurturing global and local communicators covering a wide range of refinements,
including cultural and social aspects

Nurturing practical


Baekseok University is located in Cheonan, a city of continued development.
It is 90km away from Seoul and it will take less than 1 hour from Seoul to the
university thanks to convenient transportation.

You can enjoy leisure and composure in your life here with beautiful nature and
amenities such as department stores, movie theaters, and restaurants
close to the university.