Dear Prof. Jonghyun Jang,
President of Baekseok University

Dear Prof. Jonghyun Jang, President of Baekseok University
Dear Prof. Hwaseon Kang, Dean of the Department of Visual Art, School of Visual
& Division of Design & Image, Baekseok University.

Greetings from Jiaxing University!
I am very glad to learn that a website showing art works of college students
and teachers from China, Japan and Republic of Korea as well as online courses has
been built by your university. On behalf of Jiaxing University, I would like to extend
my heartfelt congratulations to you.

Baekseok University is an international university that has made remarkable
achievements in recent years both in academics and scientific research. It is delightful
that a close and stable relationship has been maintained by our two universities over
the past five years. We have jointly organized cultural forums exhibiting art works and
cooperated in student exchange programs, 2+2 dual degree programs and faculty
exchanges. I hope, based on these, the future cooperation between us being more
extensive and comprehensive.

The website provides a new platform for our cooperation. I am looking forward to more
partner universities participating in the art exhibition to create an internationalized stage
with abundant resources for the exchanges of art works by teachers and students.

Congratulations again on the successful launch of the website!

Best Wishes,

Professor Lu Jun
Jiaxing University, China