East asis


from the Dean
of Faculty of arts

We are very proud of that we could co-host and carry out the first China-Korea-Japan
Web Students Exchange Exhibition 2020 together with Baekseok University, South Korea,
and Jiaxing University, China. We already have succeeded to hold the Exchange Exhibition
by teachers from three universities for five times until today and have maintained
our academic exchange intensively through those events. Although we have different
cultures, but also numerous common features can be seen as neighboring countries.
Therefore, I am really convinced that we can learn and understand each other more
deeply through much more frequent visits and intimate communication.

And the various experiences accumurated through the exchange activities will
give driving force to us to create new things and values by dealing with art.
I am sure that would be the very purpose of our Exchange Exhibition. Currently,

all the world is damaged by and straggling against the COVID-19 pandemic this year.
It has given direct and serious shocks on our everyday life and economy but also
on our teaching activities at universities. Because of it, we unfortunately could not
invite teachers and students from both partner universities for the 5th China-Korea
-Japan Exchange Exhibition in Shimonoseki. Under this circumstance, we are very
pleased with the excellent and new type of exchange program suggested
by the Baekseok University: the Students Web Exhibition. It could become a symbol
of overcoming this difficult time together. And I would like to express my
very special thanks to all participated members from the two universities and hope
that our exchange will continue to develop.

Department of Art and Design, Faculty of Art,
University of East Asia
Dean of Faculty of arts

Department Chair